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New Work - A Passage Though Italy

John Santoro Photography

See Passage Through Italy

"The first people who saw your photos in my office were

literally stopped in their tracks."   Ciaran, Paris

"Your great return policy allowed us to see the print 

in our home without risk.  We love our print!"  Jennifer


Pre-dawn Blue

October 22, 2016

Landscape photography is for early risers and late people
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It's All Over In A Flash

October 20, 2016

It's All Over In A Flash

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My Gondola Fascination

October 18, 2016

Before I end my fascination with gondolas I leave you with a few more interesting facts:

During the last century gondolas had become so garish that a new law was passed insisting that they must in future always be.....

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Gondolas Are Amazing

October 16, 2016

The gondoliers who pilot them are a sturdy and soulful lot who embrace their history.
Here's a few things you didn't know:

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